Humanist Meeting Update

The Humanist Society (along with the rest of the church) has temporarily postponed all in-person meetings. But – we are re-starting our book group discussion this Sunday.
The Humanist book group will be meeting via Zoom at 11:05 AM. We will start immediately after the church call ends, so you can close the church meeting window and open the book group page. You can join with or without video using the internet from your PC, lap top, or smart phone; or you can just call in from any phone. We are currently reading The Founding Myth, Why Christian Nationalism Is Un-American by Andrew Seidel. We would love to have you join our discussion. Send a note to if you would like to participate.
I would welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions for Humanist meetings or other activities. Call Al Powers or email For questions or comments related to the book group please call Dian Curran or email