Intercom Changes Coming

The Communication Team is working with our Communication Coordinator, Kerrie Lee, to improve your Intercom experience. Continuing the work begun with our church website redesign, we’re going to make changes that streamline our weekly communication. Our goal is to help you spend time on the information most relevant to you, while not missing out on news that’s important for all of us.

Phase One begins next month and will reduce the amount of scrolling you need to do. Intercom items that are lengthy will be introduced with a just few sentences to pique your interest and then you can follow a link to read the rest of the article if you choose. This change will balance out the information you see when you open the newsletter and let you glance more quickly through each week’s content. And If you’re a contributor, this also eliminates the need to limit your message to a set number of words. However, we still recommend being as brief as possible, while sharing the complete details about your issue or event.

Please contact the Communication Team if you have comments or suggestions about how to continue improving church communications.