Inuit Art: History & Culture Starts This Week!

Don’t forget to sign up for Inuit Art: History & Culture, which starts this week!
The Inuit of the Canadian Arctic have created an art form of striking imagery and exquisite beauty, deep spirituality, and occasional whimsey. Through this powerful artistic expression, the Inuit’s unique way of life, their traditional myths and beliefs, and the animals of the Arctic spring vividly to life.

This class will examine and celebrate some of the major regional, community and individual artists’ in sculpture and graphic arts by presenting the cultural and historical background of Inuit art. The class will show a wide variety of carvings, prints, cultural artifacts. We will view videos of Inuit culture and lifestyle as well as Inuit artists at work.

Wednesday, Jan. 11, 18, and 25 from 6-8 pm at First Unitarian.