It’s time to sign up for Circle Suppers!

What are they?

For those of you new to Circle Suppers: in the past, they have been a small group (4-5 households) of church members or friends who meet for dinner and friendly discussions for a limited time (usually 4-5 months.). The purpose is community building by getting to know other church members or friends in a more intimate setting Each household usually hosts/hostesses the group one time and the meals are potlucks arranged by the person having the dinner at their home that month.

When will they start?

That is up to each individual group to decide. There are people who have volunteered to be the first host/hostess for their circle. After enough people have signed up, the groups will be formed and given to the first-time volunteer host/hostess. This person will contact you about the date, time, and what you are to bring to your circle’s first supper.

What will happen at the first supper?

Besides having a nice meal and getting to know your other circle members, the first supper should be an organizing time. So before you go you might be thinking about when you would like to have the circle at your home and what you would like for a main course so others can bring thing to compliment your choice of main.

How do I sign up?

There is a sign up form attached to this announcement or you can sign up in the foyer at church after the service.

What if I can’t have it at my home?

I would not let that keep you from signing up for a circle. There will be a place on the sign-up form to indicate that and we will make sure that no one circle has too many members who can’t have it at their home. You might also consider a park or outdoor venue weather permitting.



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