IUUWAN (Iowa Unitarian Universalist Witness Advocacy Network) has hired Dr. Kirk Witzberger, A member of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Coralville, as our new outreach coordinator.  Kirk has  extensive experience in leading organizations through change, facilitating workshops, improving organizational processes, and leadership training.

He will be working with the IUUWAN board, to build relationships with UU’s, UU Congregations, and state and local social justice organizations in Iowa to coordinate social justice advocacy in Iowa.  Together we can strengthen the voice of UUs in Iowa.

Iowa Justice Action Network (IJAN) is hosting “Thursdays with IJAN”

6:30 p.m. CT on Zoom .
Nov. 11 – Mental Health and Substance Abuse Crises: How do they Intersect with Criminal Justice?

A panel of activist professionals who deal with these crises on a daily basis will discuss their dynamics and how they often lead to a person’s involvement in the criminal justice system.

Nov. 18 – Legislative Sneak Preview – What Bills May be Advanced in the 2022 Iowa Legislature?

IJAN is already working with legislators and activists on some bills that will be proposed in 2022.  Sue Hutchins, IJAN Co-Chair, and Wendy Wittrock, IJAN Board Member, will lead a discussion on proposed bills for the 2022 session.  Proposed bills include a focus on reforming life imprisonment practices and the probation system.

Richard Allen Hays a UU from Cedar Falls is one of the lead organizers of IJAN You can sign up for their newsletter at https://iowajusticeactionnetwork.com.