January Artists: momolly

January’s artists are a mother-daughter duo. Lori Allen and Molly Allen share a long and fond history with First Unitarian – Lori as the director of religious education throughout the 1990s, and Molly as one of three of her children whose attendance in the programs was mandatory. Currently Molly and Lori live in Ames. Molly spends her days at Mainstream work enclaves and day programs, her free time in her apartment in-home studio creating art work, sometimes inspired by works of art she admires. Lori, besides being the ACCESS Victim’s Advocate Liaison to ISU, spends time creating watercolor and acrylic painting in her CASA (Creative Artists Studios of Ames) studio. The works of both artists have been shown at the Octogon and CASA Gallery, both in Ames, Iowa. momolly invite you to attend an opening gathering of friends and art enthusiasts on Monday, January 1, from 1-3PM.