January/February Outreach Partner

Home Forward Iowa is honored and delighted to be First Unitarian’s Faith in Action Community partner for January and February of 2020. HFI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy organization on behalf of Iowans experiencing homelessness. We hope over the coming weeks to create a better understanding of the causes of, services for, and solutions to homelessness across Iowa.
A planned volunteer activity is the biennial homeless Point in Time Count, which takes place in late January. There are several volunteer roles involved with the unsheltered count, which is what we’ll be focusing on. The actual focus is on people sleeping in places not meant for human habitation on the night of January 29. However, most of the work is done ahead of time so that those doing the actual count know where they are looking and who they expect to find. This includes activities such as posting fliers and contacting law enforcement, 24-hour business employees, food pantries, and others where those at risk of or experiencing homelessness are likely to be known. If you are interested in learning more about this volunteer opportunity and the communities involved, contact Tim Wilson at tim@homeforwardiowa.org.