Just Voices Update

from Harvey Harrison

March 14, 2020

Just Voices has continued to be very active in our work to and racially biased policing in Des Moines. The project to examine the police response to the 2020 protest is now up and running. We have 12 volunteers who are working to review various aspects of the protests. We can certainly use more volunteers to do the work that will be upcoming.

We have recently received and released two videos that show police assaulting people in the morning of May 31, 2020. The people being attacked were not engaged in any wrongful conduct at the time the police assaulted them. You can review the videos for yourselves on the Just Voices Iowa YouTube page at:

Video #1

Video #2

We have joined Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa-CCI) in demanding that the city Council initiate a third-party investigation of the Des Moines Police Department. We will keep you posted as that moves forward. We can use your assistance in this effort. Please take a moment to write, email, and personally phone your city council representatives and demand that they initiate the requested investigation.

Just Voices Iowa founder, Harvey Harrison is looking forward to presenting the church service on April 3rd and the Forum following services at 11:00.

Please let Just Voices know if you have any questions and/or want to join in the work. Just send us an email at info@justvoicesiowa.org.

Submitted by Harvey Harrison