Leaving the Nest: Now is the Time

I remember when my now-adult children first left home. Both were fortunate to attend college, and while in theory they were adults, the expenses which still fell to me to assist them with were many. I was fine with that – I wanted to give them the best possible “push from the nest” that I could.
We are on the verge of launching Briana into her independence now. She is leaving the “nest” so generously provided by Lisa and Megan, and now it is time for all of us to be the wind beneath her wings.
Many of you pledged to make a recurring contribution to Iowa Sanctuary Movement to support Briana. If you haven’t yet set that up, please do so TODAY. If you’ve been thinking about doing this, please do so TODAY. If you would prefer to do a one-time gift, please do so TODAY.
Click here to support Briana TODAY.
(Select ISM Asylum Seeker as the fund to receive your gift.
Select a one-time or recurring gift, and follow the prompts for payment. That’s it!)
Click the link above, or give directly through your new UCDSM app! It’s easy, and it’s so appreciated. Briana is so excited about her new life in Iowa. Let’s show her the love of our generous hearts.
Thank you all – Sally B. and Team Briana