Lens of the Future: July 13, 2021

Continuing at Level 3, groups of any size are now allowed to meet outdoors. Indoor gatherings are limited to 20 persons, except that up to 50 people may be in the church at any one time. Everyone attending indoor events that is not fully vaccinated is expected to wear a facial covering when in close proximity to other attendees. Anyone may choose to wear a facial covering, and everyone is encouraged to follow the latest CDC guidelines.

The Lens of the Future Committee continues to monitor the incidence of COVID 19 infections in the community and the status indicators that were adopted by the Board. Although conditions are generally improving each week there is growing concern about the number of un-vaccinated people in the community and the increasing number of cases of the Delta variant. The committee will recommend moving to Level 4 only when the conditions warrant.

The committee has completed an overall review and update of the procedures, including the precautions that will be taken at Level 4. The updated procedures will be published as soon as approved by the Board.

We continue to encourage everyone who can to be vaccinated as soon as possible. As we expand our activities, we expect each person to do their part to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated, wearing a mask if not vaccinated, and taking other precautions as outlined in the procedures. We know that the entire congregation is eager to get back together again and the LENS committee is working hard to prepare for that time. We welcome thoughts and ideas from the congregation. Please feel free to contact anyone on the LENS committee with your questions and suggestions.