Lens of the Future: Level One

Oh, the pandemic has been such a strain;
Isolation, fear, boredom, and pain.
But Covid rates have begun
To go down! At Level One
We can be social in person again!
The Lens of the Future Committee is continuing to monitor the incidence of Covid 19 infections in the community and the status indicators that were adopted by the Board that we are using to determine the level of activity. Metrics have been declining or stabilizing, and as a result we have moved to LEVEL 1.
We can now meet outdoors in small groups (ten or less). Social distancing and face masks are still required by all attendees. Building use is limited to single persons for set up and bathroom use for groups meeting on the church grounds.
If Covid rates start to rise, we may have to go back to Level 0. Take this opportunity to enjoy the outside and your UU community!
Click here to read the full UPDATED Lens of the Future Report
Click here for this week’s Tracking Spreadsheet
Note from Charles Lewis, DFA: Now that we’re at Level 1 for building access, I’d like to remind everyone to schedule their visits to the property. This is so we can manage how many people are on the grounds at any given time and coordinate with our custodial contractor on cleaning the building. You can contact me (director@ucdsm.org) or Kerrie Lee (communications@ucdsm.org) to submit your scheduling request.