Lens of the Future: Sept 14, 2021

The LENS committee is continuing to watch the Risk Level as published by CovidActNow.org as well as the CDC Guidelines, UUA recommendations, and the response of the local and state governments, and is working to update the guidelines. Both Des Moines and Polk County continue to be classified in the Very High Risk or Red category. The current data from the CovidActNow.org web site can be found at https://covidactnow.org/us/iowa-ia/county/polk_county/?s=21851111 including historical graphs of several of the metrics that go into the determination of the risk level. More information about the CovidActNow initiative can be found at https://covidactnow.org/covid-risk-levels-metrics.

The risk level represents the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to unvaccinated individuals. The risk of transmission for vaccinated individuals is less. This Very High Risk level is due to the overall low vaccination rate in Polk County and the highly transmissible nature of the delta variant. Following CDC guidelines relevant to your vaccination status will lessen your risk of contracting or spreading the disease. The LENS committee urges everyone to be vaccinated and to follow the CDC guidelines on wearing masks, and to encourage all your friends and neighbors to schedule their vaccinations. All of the evidence indicates that universal vaccination is our best hope for controlling the pandemic, but only 56% of Polk County residents are fully vaccinated. Please take every opportunity to push this higher!

You can contact any member of the LENS committee if you have any questions or suggestions. The current membership includes Debra Rodgers, Al Powers, Andrea Lemeuse, Anne Rozeboom, Crystal Loving, Ellen Taylor, Katie Allen, Margaret Schultz, and Mike Lauer.