Lens of the Future

The Lens of the Future committee is continuing to monitor the incidence of COVID-19 infections in the community and the status of the indicators that have been adopted by the Board. Committee recommendations will be updated regularly here.

Update 11/30/21:

The metrics for both Des Moines and Polk County have seen a modest increase over the past month.  The number of daily new cases increased again last week from 34.6 to 46.5 per 100,000 population and the infection rate in now 1.3.  The positive test rate has also continued to creep up, and is now at 12.5%.  To help put this into perspective the infection rate was nearly 130 per 100,000 population a year ago.  It was under 5.0 from mid-May through mid-July, and reached a second peak of 60 the last week of September.

The risk level for Des Moines and Polk County, and for the entire state, continues to be VERY HIGH.  This reflects the current trend for much of the country, with many locations showing a continued increase in the number of cases.

The identification of the Omicron variant has added a new level of concern and uncertainty.  The LENS committee is monitoring the information on this variant in addition to the overall status of community transmission of the disease.

The LENS committee will recommend changes in the current policy as conditions evolve.  We also strongly encourage everyone to follow the latest recommendations from the CDC, including obtaining booster vaccinations, wearing a mask when in crowded public spaces, and testing when appropriate.

Read the full Policy approved 2021-10-07.  This policy allows an unlimited number of persons to attend events in the church, but requires that all persons attending indoor events be fully vaccinated and wear facial coverings.

The LENS committee continues to follow the metrics and will recommend changes in the current policy as conditions continue to evolve.  The current metrics for anywhere in the country are available from the CovidActNow.org web site.

Please read the Letter from the Board President 2021-10-13

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