Opening Level 0

Level 0 – No church sponsored in-person meetings allowed, regardless of the number of people attending or the location of the meeting.

The following procedures apply to activities while at Level 0.

  1. In-person meetings and gatherings are not allowed, except as specifically authorized by the Board.
  2. The church building is closed for all access and uses, except as follows:
    1. Staff are encouraged to work from home, but are allowed to come into the building at their discretion.
    2.  Limited access for specific tasks such as maintenance and cleaning.
    3. Specific activities authorized by the Board, with defined restrictions on number of people, building area to be used, cleaning, etc.
    4. Care must be taken to maintain physical distance if staff or maintenance or cleaning personnel are in the building while another authorized activity is in progress.
  3. Individuals or family groups may use the church grounds.