Opening Level 2

Level 2 – Groups of 20 or fewer people are allowed to meet outdoors, with 10 or fewer meeting in the church building, using only Griffin Hall, the gathering area and the auditorium. Physical distancing must be maximized at all times.

The procedures for outdoor gatherings are the same as in Level 1, except that groups not participating in food events may include up to 20 people. The following procedures apply to all groups meeting in the church building, including those presenting the Sunday morning program.

1. Individual pods must remain spaced as far as practical from other pods, with at least 6 feet distancing maintained at all times.

2. No more than 10 people may be in the church building at any one time.

3. Contact with common surfaces must be minimized; no shared talking pieces, materials, or handouts are allowed.

4. For groups of no more than 10 that are meeting outdoors, individual pods may bring their own food and beverages. Prepackaged individual serving food and beverage items in disposable containers (preferably biodegradable) may be distributed. Food can also be prepared, plated, and served to each participant by one individual taking appropriate safety precautions.

5. Facial coverings may be removed only when eating or drinking.

6. All group activities using the church building or grounds must be scheduled through the normal church calendar procedures. Scheduling requests should be emailed to