Living, Loving and Valuing Our UU Faith in Uncertain Times

Do you remember our celebration of Leap Day on February 29th? Maybe you were there, or maybe you just heard about it. We didn’t know it would be our last gathering to celebrate together for months to come, to celebrate what our church means to us and why we support it.
The Leap Day event was the kick-off for our annual budget drive. We had a goal to raise about $600,000 from our members and friends to fund church outreach and in-reach for July 2020 – June 2021. Little did we know that what would happen after that night would change the trajectory of our work, and our lives.
In the months since then, we have worked to stay connected as a congregation. Technology provides ways to hold Religious Education classes and small groups, board meetings and social justice actions. We have called one another on the phone to check in, sent emails of encouragement, and worked to continue being the church we love, albeit outside the walls of our beautiful Bell Avenue building.
Many of you made pledges that evening and in the weeks that followed. As we attempted to reach the rest of you, we became aware that asking for your pledges was harder than it has ever been, as we are all facing levels of uncertainty not previously known.
And yet, we know that we need our church more than ever before: a community that cares and lives our values.
If you haven’t yet made your pledge we still need to hear from you. We know it can be scary to make a commitment for the future when the future feels so uncertain. Perhaps your pledge can be a way to say to yourself – and to your church community – that you have faith in the future, in our collective ability to meet it, and in our church’s importance in that future.
Your pledge is not a debt; it is an indicator of your hopes and your dreams for our beloved community. It is part of the covenant you make as a member and a friend of First Unitarian.
Do know that if you make a pledge and then life makes payment of that pledge impossible, the church is still here for you. All you need to do is call the office and explain your situation to Charlie, or Rev. Amy. This is true for anyone who has pledged, at any time.
Thank you to all who made a pledge, or will make one in the coming weeks – your commitment allows for planning our financial future as a congregation, and it’s how we shape our future.
In gratitude for our church –
Stewardship Ministry Team