Membership Minute

On Sunday, September 13, we welcomed 16 new members into our First Unitarian family! In order to help everyone get to know each other, we will be featuring members in the Intercom each week. This week, we are happy to introduce Warren Stine.

Warren Stine joined our congregation in 2020. He says:

“I have a lot of nerdy, introverted interests. I collect rocks and fossils. I play chess – badly. I love classical music. I love Led Zeppelin and the Beatles; I very much miss John Lennon. I read a lot and am trying to finish all of the books written by H.G. Wells, which may take several more years. I enjoy very old movies, including silent films. I enjoy comedy movies and television including: MASH, anything with Peter Sellers, the Marx Brothers, Monty Python, Charlie Chaplin, SCTV (John Candy) and Red Dwarf. I very much enjoy science and science fiction in all forms. I am allergic to sports (might not be the sports so much as the sports fans). If I was dictator most sports would be illegal, along with big loud trucks and motorcycles. I hate cooking but love eating. I am generally timid, shy and indecisive outside my comfort zone which fluctuates daily based on how much sleep and or coffee I have had.”