Membership Minute

Ellen Taylor is our featured member this week. Ellen writes:
“I grew up in a wonderful downtown Methodist church here in Des Moines, but I knew when I left for college that I did not believe in the Methodist god, and I planned to try out my childhood friend’s Unitarian Universalist church whenever I finally settled down. That happened when I returned to Des Moines from California with my 5-year old son and first husband in the Fall of 1976, and I have been here ever since, considering myself to be a humanist. After divorcing 1979 I got a MSW in social work and continued in that field until I retired in 2007. I met my husband, Harvey Harrison at church, and we married in 1992. Over the 44 years I have attended our church I have intentionally participated in a wide range of things – religious education, board of trustees, choir, annual pledge drives, search committee in 1990s, membership committee, Soul Matters, AMOS, started Hospitality Teams to spread around the service we do for each other on Sunday mornings, handbell choir, and attended many General Assemblies. Currently I serve on the Pastoral Care Team, Lens of the Future Church committee and attend monthly Soul Matters group and the weekly Sangha meditation group. This church is my home, my “community” for my spiritual and social life, and I have greatly appreciated the fact that we have many spiritual paths available to us under this same tent. And, finally I am grateful for the way we have managed ourselves over time so that we have not split up the church even when we might disagree about things, as has happened in some other UU congregations.