Membership Minute

On Sunday, September 13, we welcomed 16 new members into our First Unitarian family! In order to help everyone get to know each other, we will be featuring members in the Intercom each week. This week, we are happy to introduce Meghan and Nick Westphal.

Meghan Westphal: 
My husband, Nick, and I moved to Des Moines 2 years ago and wanted to join a community that helped us feel connected to both of our faith backgrounds. Since attending UCDSM services, both of us feel we’ve found our new home. In addition to spiritual growth and social justice, I enjoy birding, drawing, reading, and making music.
Nick Westphal:
I am from eastern Iowa and have recently moved to the Des Moines area with my wife, Meghan. We are from different faiths, Hindu and Christian, and are very happy to have found a place where we can explore both our truths. In my free time I enjoy cooking, walking in nature, and spending time with our small dog.