Membership Spotlight: Sue Huber

Sue Huber is a long-time member of First Unitarian. She moved to Des Moines after graduating from college in 1983. Sue has three children, Ben, Jacob, and Elizabeth (Lizzie). She works for Des Moines Public Schools as an Occupational Therapist. She works with children 0-3 who have developmental challenges; she also works with their parents, teaching them skills to help their children grow. She has two cats, Milo and Otis.
Sue came to Unitarian Universalism after many years in the Catholic Church. “I wanted a church that would help me to be a good person in the here and now, as opposed to being a good person so I could get into Heaven.” She said it was refreshing to find First Unitarian. She joined the church and enrolled her children in religious education classes. Ben and Jacob attended Our Whole Lives (OWL) class, declared it “weird” and decided UUism wasn’t not for them; Lizzie remained involved for many years.
Sue has been very active in congregational life. In addition to being a Hospitality Team leader, she served on the Board and helped develop Family Promise and Immigration and Justice. She has taught classes on immigration and religious education. Some of her hobbies include gardening, biking, walking, eating, and making soaps.
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