Memories of Mark – Submit by June 4

The board is sponsoring the presentation of a gift composed of our appreciations to Rev. Mark Stringer at the service on June 11. If you wish to participate, you are invited to write or draw or paint a reflection about your experiences with our church during our shared ministry, a note of gratitude for his ministry, or well wishes for him as he prepares for his ministry in the community with the ACLU. This must fit on ½ of an 8.5×11 sheet of paper on ½ of an 8.5×11 (8.5″W x 5.5″H) sheet of paper which will be placed in the book via a sheet protector.
Please remember to sign your gift, and if you want to include a photo in your piece, have it included as a part of your page.

To make your entry available for inserting into the book, ASAP, there are 3 options:
•    Email it to Jo Fitz:
•    Email it to Jane Rider:
•    Place it in the labeled box in the gathering area outside the Auditorium.

The deadline for making your entry available for placement in the book is: Sunday, June 4. If you have questions regarding this message, please call Jo Fitz at 515-278-4884 or Jane Rider at 515-277-7879.