New Communications Group at First Unitarian

“Social distancing” doesn’t have to mean you don’t know what’s going on at church or you can’t participate in activities. In fact, it’s never been more important to reach out and take care of each other. Many of us may be feeling a little disconnected, perhaps bewildered by Zoom, and concerned about how members are handling the isolation.
Several church members met with Reverend Amy this past week to discuss how we might do a better job of communicating with our church community. We agreed that a member-led group should take on the challenge of developing a multi-pronged communication plan.
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be reviewing our current array of communication vehicles (email, Intercom, Facebook, etc.) to better understand how these are managed and used. We plan on developing a survey to distribute to the members of the congregation asking how you prefer to receive communication and what you’d like to hear from the church and members.
We are in the very early stages of this project but we know we will need a variety of skills from web manager to writer, from graphic design to Instagram expertise, technical to social media aptitude. If you are interested in learning more, volunteering in any fashion, or offering your input, please feel free to contact Deidre Fudge, Barb Royal or Liz Bredeson.
Look for updates on this project in the coming weeks.