Your Human Resources Team and Rev. Amy are excited to announce that we have TWO new staff members!

Hannah Notch (she/her/hers) – Social Media and Executive Support Specialist (SMESS)
32 hours/week
Office Hours: 1pm-5pm Tuesday-Friday, plus Sunday tech assistance.

Hannah Notch officially joined us on November 2, after filling in at the front desk for the month of October. Hannah will be responsible for:

  • Handling the front desk office duties and maintaining the main office
  • Receiving packages from vendors
  • Scheduling events on the church calendar and room reservations
  • Making sure mail gets to the appropriate staff member or volunteer
  • Scheduling and Coordinating the Childcare staff
  • Providing the church with a weekly scheduled social media presence
  • Handling Sunday Tech needs
  • Creating YouTube videos and podcasts as directed
  • Working with the Communications Coordinator and Communications Team to make sure everyone knows what is going on!

About Hannah
Hannah lives on the south side of Des Moines with her long-term partner, just a few minutes from her childhood home. She grew up in Des Moines with five siblings and her two moms, graduating from Lincoln High School. Hannah is currently pursing a degree in Sociology. In her free time, Hannah enjoys spending time with family most of all, and is glad to have that opportunity more frequently following the COVID-19 vaccination.

Growing up through the Unitarian Church has been a significant part in her journey towards enjoying spirituality and leading her life with love and kindness. She has a huge passion for kids and finds purpose in teaching them and helping them feel understood and has a very close relationship with her younger sister Jayla. Hannah also finds joy in helping others and working towards a solution to a common goal. Her favorite thing about her job so far is getting to be the first face of the church and meet all of the new people.

EMILY PETTY (she/her/hers) – Communications Coordinator
30 hours/week – TBD

Emily will begin her position on Tuesday, November 9, 2021. She will be responsible for:

  • Coordinating our internal and external communications and marketing strategy
  • Working with the Communications Team and Senior Minister to develop external marketing strategies
  • Creating the weekly Intercom newsletter
  • Maintaining our website
  • Providing internal communication for church members
  • Updating our UCDSM app
  • Working with the SMESS position to ensure that all marketing and communication accurately reflects our church

About Emily
Emily is a Southwestern Iowa native who has a love for communication with people and animals alike. She moved to W. Des Moines in May 2017 after graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Communications Studies. Emily previously worked for DTN in the Agriculture Industry with a focus on teaching and website design in addition to data analytics and interdepartmental communication/collaboration.

In her free time, Emily can be found at home reading, writing, attempting to draw, and snuggling with her pets. She and her husband, Daniel, have two cats, Charlie (6) and Cake (4), and one German Shorthaired Pointer named Hank (1). Pictures of the pets will happily be provided upon request. Emily is terrible at video games, but will play them for fun, and enjoys board and card games when she can hang out with her friends in person.


To learn more about our relatively new HR Team, see our Committees of the Board page.