Our Kitchen Project: Pulling It All Together

From the Kitchen Committee


After a time of busy activity focusing on our kitchen remodeling project, it may seem that nothing’s happening. In fact, our committee has shifted into a new, behind-the-scenes planning phase! We met this week to review your congregational feedback about remodeling options A, B, and C and to make decisions about how to bring them together into a new option D. This new variation will then be given to the architect to draw up and price. Our committee will present this new option D to the Board of Trustees for a vote on Thursday, December 16. You are welcome and encouraged to attend. At that time, the Board will also consider proposals for funding the project, and decide whether to authorize a congregational vote.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Forum or one of the feedback sessions! Your input has been essential and has allowed this project to continue to move forward toward a 21st century kitchen for our church.