Pastoral Care During the Holidays

Our Church’s Pastoral Care Team is here for you when you need someone to care as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.
If you have loved Thanksgiving celebrations with family or friends it may be especially difficult to deal with the changes brought on by COVID. Deciding how to get together or even if you will get together at all could be overwhelming.
If you have been uncomfortable with your Thanksgiving gatherings it may be particularly stressful to manage your feelings this year.
Our Pastoral Care team is available through this holiday season if you need someone to listen with respect and confidentiality or if you would just like to meet someone for a companionable walk outside.
Contact us:
Email the Pastoral Care team contact for the week at
Or Contact a Pastoral Care team member directly by checking the church directory for phone number or email address: Jim Carty, Barb Glass, Harvey Harrison, Susan Jellinger, Gene McCracken, Ellen Taylor, Ann Mowery. We are here for you every day.
If you need temporary assistance with meals, rides etc. from the Caring Ministry please contact Becky Evans at or 515 421-8424.