People Detained by ICE Need Our Help

Update: With your help we have already raised nearly $300! Thank you so much! Our $500 target is within reach. This money will enable 20 people detained by ICE a small measure of money with which they may call their families, friends, or attorneys; or maybe some items from the commissary. Please consider making a donation to help us reach our target. And THANKS!

ICE reportedly is ending its contract with the Hardin County Jail as a warehouse for people under ICE hold.

Tuesday, April 20, ICE was holding 21 people at Hardin County Jail, down from 88 a couple of years ago. The next morning ICE moved 12 people from the Hardin County Jail. One of these individuals was deported. The other 11 were moved to other holding facilities: 2 in Pottawatomie County Jail and the others in Hall County Jail in Grand Island Nebraska. Nine individuals remain in ICE custody in the Hardin County Jail. It is possible that one of the individuals in Grand Island was or will be deported, too. The situation is murky.

Please consider making a donation so we can add money to the commissary accounts of the 20 people still being detained by ICE. Money in commissary accounts can be used for incidental expenses such as a phone call. One 20-minute phone call costs $8.

Click here and donate to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund on our website. Or send a check to First Unitarian and indicate ‘Minister’s Discretionary Fund’ on the memo line.

We wish to raise $500 so that we can add $25 to the commissary account of each of these 20 detained individuals. This small amount of money could be of great psychological value. We are standing ready to provide short-term housing support if that is required by someone ICE releases.

We have enjoyed such strong support from our First Unitarian community in Immigration Justice issues. Thank you! We ask you to support this effort to help mitigate some of the harm our government has inflicted on these individuals.

Immigration Justice Outreach Team of First Unitarian: Dave Witke, Gene McCracken, Judy Davis, Sue Huber, Theresa Miller, Karen Lauer, and Mike Lauer.