Pete Peterson’s memorial service will be the morning of August 17

Many of you are aware of Pete Peterson’s peaceful death on June 10 after a short time in Hospice care, but I was asked to send a note to Unity Circle Alliance members because of Pete’s important service to the church as minister from 1986 to 1992, as well as for the dedication of his wife, Pat Peterson, as President of Unity Circle Alliance from 2008 to 2011. She was a strong and caring leader and she did much for that organization, as she did for her other numerous church responsibilities, including for our Memorial Committee.

Pete’s memorial service will be held at the UU Church of Des Moines in the morning on August 17

In addition to this significant loss for Pat, some of you know that her sister died early in May of Alzheimers disease, and then Pete’s son (“young Pete”) died suddenly later in May, a series of  important and difficult losses.


For those who wish to send cards of support and sympathy to Pat and their children, David and Laura:

2909 Woodland Ave Apt 1001

Des Moines IA 50312-3876.