Please give to the Mary Campos Fund For Latinx student scholarships

Fellow UUs: It is once again time for First Unitarian to lead the way in supporting the Mary Campos Scholarships for hard-working Latinx students.

Our Immigration Justice Committee and several individual congregation members are asking you to contribute, preferably now, but for sure before Nov. 14. To chip in, please go online to our designated First Unitarian page, using this link:

(Use control and click; once on the page, click the “Donate” box; then fill out the payment forms that will appear.)

If online is not your thing, please send checks to Al Exito, Mary Campos Scholarships, PO Box 93531, Des Moines, IA 50393 — again designating the Unitarian tie.

Al Exito sponsors the Campos scholarships. Our church has long-time ties with Al Exito, a nonprofit that helps local Latinx youths prepare for college or other worthwhile careers. First Unitarian’s participation has brought us some good PR in the wider community.

Please act now. The deadline is near. Thank you.


From this year’s organizers: Barb Royal, Gene McCracken, Dave Witke, and the Immigration Justice Committee.