Poinsettias For the Holidays

Let’s bring a vibrant dose of color into the auditorium this holiday season! Order a poinsettia; have it dedicated to the memory or honor of a special person or event; enjoy it at the service on Sunday, December 11th; and then take it home with you!

Orders are due by Tuesday October 29, 2022.

Make your check payable to First Unitarian with “Poinsettia” in the memo line. Place it in the offering basket, Hannah Notch’s mailbox, or mail it with this form to:

Holiday Flowers

First Unitarian Church

1800 Bell Ave.

Des Moines IA 50315

Plants will be red with gold wrapping on the pot.

6.5-inch potted plant (5-9 blooms) is $13.50x ________ plants

8-inch potted plant (12-15 blooms) is $25.50x ________ plants

Enclosed is a check made out to First Unitarian Church.

Name: ____________________________________

Phone number: ____________________

Please complete the following for listing in the Dec. 11 Order of Service:

In MEMORY of _______________________________________________________________

In HONOR of _______________________________________________________________