Racial Profiling Ordinance

On March 9th, the Des Moines City Council took an initial step toward the adoption of an Ordinance to Ban Racial profiling by all city employees, including police. Two additional votes by the Council are needed for final passage of the ordinance.
You can help!
We know that Black citizens in Des Moines are almost 4 times more likely to be stopped by the police than White citizens. They are 15 times more likely to be arrested for “Interference with Official Acts” if stopped by the police.
You can help by contacting the Mayor and Council members and encouraging them to become leaders in Iowa and the Nation by passing an effective Ordinance that will bar Racial Profiling and ban Pre-textual stops by the Des Moines Police Department. You can also help by asking your friends, colleagues and institution to join you in this request. The more the better!
Below are the names and contact information for the Mayor and each of the members of the Council.
If you have any questions about the details of the proposals that are now before the Council, please contact Harvey Harrison at profiling@ucdsm.org. I greatly appreciate your interest in this important issue and your assistance in taking this first step toward ending the scourge of racial profiling in our community.
Des Moines City Hall:  400 Robert Ray Drive, Des Moines, 50309
Mayor Frank Cownie:  fcownie@dmgov.org
Carl Voss – At Large:  carlvoss@dmgov.org
Connie Boesen – At Large:  pkcmelik@dmgov.org
Bill Gray – Ward I:  billgray@dmgov.org
Linda Westergaard – Ward II:  LindaW@dmgov.org
Josh Mandelbaum – Ward III:  joshmandelbaum@dmgov.org
Joe Gatto – Ward IV:  joegatto@dmgov.org