How has Racism Shown Up in Our Faith and Affected YOU?

The UUA’s Commission on Institutional Change has issued a call for personal accounts and stories and will document incidents of racism that occurred between individual UUs, within a congregational or Associational setting, or as a result of white-centeredness embedded within the greater UU culture.

  • In what ways have you or your group or community been hurt by current racist and culturally biased attitudes and practices within Unitarian Universalism?
  • In what ways have we, as a faith community, been living outside of our values and commitments?

Please note that no information provided in these testimonials will be shared with attribution without the prior consent of the author. The Commission is mindful that certain details in submissions can be revealing and commits to treating all submissions with full trust and confidence.

How to Submit Your Testimony

Submissions—written, audio, or video format—in response to this set of questions will be accepted.. Anyone is welcome to submit testimony.

  • Audio Submissions: MP3 format is best.
  • Video Submissions: MP4 format is best.
  • Written Submissions: Please use this convenient form on the link below (Word or PDF) which contains the questions listed above.

To submit your testimony, save the file to your computer, and then upload it via the secure link button at this web site: