REACH Grant Recipients for 2018-2019

The Endowment Committee is very pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s REACH GRANTS. The grants that we are funding this year are for the full amount of the request.
1) Best Foot Forward: Making Our Welcoming Center More Accessible: Submitted by Laura Berardi on behalf of Membership. The grant is to purchase a new Welcome Desk for the foyer that has an ADA accessible counter placing it where the current caring ministry table is located.
2) ReThink Poverty Simulation: Submitted by Amy Knudson. The program assists participants in understanding what it is like to live in a low income family surviving month to month. The Participants assume the roles of different families with the task of providing shelter and basic necessities.
As Grant funds may not be carried over from one fiscal year to another we asked two recipients from last year, who were unable to proceed as planned and expend their grants, to resubmit their grant requests.
3) Shower for Sanctuary Guests submitted by Michael Lauer on behalf of the Sanctuary Discernment Team. The funds will be used in the installation of a shower for Sanctuary Guests.
4)   Welcoming Congregations Program Initiative submitted By Ben Spick on behalf of the Welcoming Congregation group. The funds will be used for programming opportunities to educate and support the congregation in becoming more welcoming to and inclusive of LGBTQ people and their experiences.