Sage Bookgroup 
2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 10:30 am Zoom- — email for link

The Art of Dying Well: A Practical Guide to a Good End of Life by Katy Butler

A reassuring and thoroughly researched guide to maintaining a high quality of life—from resilient old age to the first inklings of a serious illness to the final breath—by the New York Times bestselling author of Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Join us for lively, thoughtful discussions.

Saging Seminars
On one Thursday a month starting October 10 @ 1:15 pm

Topic vary widely.

End of LIfe Preferences

Thursdays 2-3:30 PM on 10/8, 10/22, 11/12 and 12/3 

The Conversation Project is a public engagement initiative with a goal to have every person’s wishes for end-of-life care expressed and respected. It is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.  Participants will discuss and then individually complete an outline that will help them share their preferences with their loved ones.

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Writing Your Spiritual Will

Thursdays 2 to 3:30 PM on 10/1, 10/15, 11/5 and 11/19

This four-part series will be based on the appendix of the book In Later Years by Bruce T Marshall. This book was used last year in the Saging and Aging book group.

Most of us have I will not many have a spiritual will. A spiritual is similar to a regular will in the that it passes assets on to the next generation but while a typical will is concerned with material assets, a spiritual will offers an account of our values what we have lived for, what has mattered to us – the wisdom we have accumulated through years of living we are offering ring a class to help participants create their spiritual will.

Contact: Gene McCraken