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The Mission of Adult Religious Education is to support First Unitarian Church of Des Moines’ current Ends Statements by enabling people of all ages and backgrounds to develop and express their unique physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual lives. Adult RE does this by providing safe, sanctified spaces to explore paths for crossing divisions between people and ideas, putting ideas into action, and encouraging the pursuit of practices which foster respect, affirmation and justice for all people.

As Unitarian Universalists we believe that revelation is continuous and our continued development as a religious people is fostered by our exploration of, and engagement with: theology and spirituality; Unitarian Universalist identity, history and polity; religious traditions; faith in action (social justice); and family enrichment.

Taught by members and friends of the church, Adult Religious Education courses are designed to engage learners where they are in multiple forms and formats including workshops, short or long term courses, and drop-in discussions. Courses typically meet at the church, and at varying times to meet busy schedules.

For more information on current classes and to register for an Adult R.E. class, please refer to the links on the left.

Facilitate an Adult RE Class?  Who, Me?

Our vision of Adult Religious Education is one in which people have a chance to go on a learning journey together. We aren’t necessarily looking for “teachers” for Adult R.E. classes, as that implies that the teacher has greater knowledge than the students and is expected to impart that knowledge; to “teach” the class. What we really want is a facilitator.

A facilitator, as opposed to teacher (at least for our purposes in Adult Religious Education) is one who:

– Helps people learn something (from their companions (including you, the facilitator) and the class material);
– Has an enjoyable learning experience, challenging but not too hard;
– Experiences fellowship, where relationships can be formed and deepened.

This doesn’t involve a lot of research, preparation of lectures, or anticipating difficult questions. It does require some other kinds of skills, many of which most people have and which you may already have in abundance. These skills can be useful to you not only at church as a facilitator for Adult RE classes, but may also be very helpful to you in other settings as well.

If you would like to know more about facilitating a class, or have a specific class you would like to see offered, contact Tracy Beck at, or 515-244-8603 ext. 104.