October 2 – May

Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:30 pm

When we provide the time and opportunities for authentic relationships to develop, then the youth gradually experience powerful transformation – they Come of Age.  With the help of their families and their church community, they learn who they are, and they decide what they stand for.  This is how each youth creates their own empowering story.  During Coming of Age, each youth will develop a faith statement. To create their own faith statements, the “Big Questions” are tackled are a week.  Such as: What do you believe about God? What happens after we die? How do you live a moral life?  Why do bad things happen?  Each youth is also paired up with a carefully chosen adult mentor from the congregation.  Youth and mentors meet about twice a month and also complete a service project together. The year begins with a parent/youth meeting to share information about the Coming of Age year.  The year concludes with a Celebration Dinner and Coming of Age Service, during which the youth plan and lead Sunday services, as well as present their own faith statements.


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