October 3 – May

Saturdays 6:30 PM

Anyone else desperate to see some different faces in the house lately??  Introducing Saturday Night Live, Jr! Each week we will go on an adventure, without ever having to leave the house! Just like on Sunday mornings, we will gather around to sing, read a book, and do a super fun craft or activity together with the help of an adult, but instead of downstairs, I will be on a phone or tablet!  Parents, don’t worry – this isn’t another zoom meeting to dread!  Each week I will send out correspondence about the week’s plans, giving a list of any items to have on hand and what to expect.  And ALL activities will be things that can be done with minimal shopping or extra stuff needed.  SERIOUSLY.  Some weeks we may learn to cook a simple snack, or start a rock band, or even visit the moon!  I hope you will join me for Saturday Night Live Jr, every Saturday beginning in October! About a full hour of socially responsible fun for kids of all ages, but really geared below 8.   Email Julie Morocho at juliemorocho@gmail.com with questions!

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