Family and Parent Resources

These resources help parents as they engage the question: “What does it mean to be a family of Integrity?” In addition to families using them at home, you might also use them to engage parents collectively, for instance in a Parent Circle that meets on Sunday afternoon or mid-week. And don’t forget to check out Soul Matters family guide called Soulful Home. It helps your families weave the monthly theme into their home life. Learn more about it HERE.


Story To Read Together

The Empty Pot

Picture Book:


Also Online from Tapestry of Faith, Creating Home

Theme Connection: A tale of honesty and integrity rewarded.


Family Discovery

Thirty Days of Love

Take home the “Thirty Days of Love” Calendar and practice it with your family.

Family Movie Night Ideas


Mary Poppins

“Families can talk about how Mary Poppins gets her messages across. What’s easier to hear, a command or a song? How does Poppins get respect from others?

Why is it important to spend time together? What happens if people get too busy sometimes to “go fly a kite”?

How does Mary Poppins teach and demonstrate … integrity? ” – Common Sense Media

For You (Support for Parents as Faith Formation Guides)

The Unique Challenges of UU Parenting

By Michelle Richards, UU World

Soulful Home Family Guides

Explore the themes at home with your family by subscribing to our monthly parent guides, Soulful Home. Here’s the link to the Soulful Home page on our website:





Devon McClurken Interim Director of Faith Formation