January 2019

Dear Families, Welcome to 2019!  What an exciting year it is going to be here at First Unitarian!  This month’s theme is Possibility.  Please use the following resources to explore this idea as a family. 


“What does it mean to be a family of Possibility?”

With Your Kids

(Ideas to engage Possibility as a Family)


Family Adventure Ideas


30 Days of Love Family Calendar



Practice the Possibility of kindness and love with this calendar of family activities, one for each day  from Mid-January until Valentine’s Day.


The Traveling Chalice

Take part in this month’s suggested traveling chalice program at your congregation!


Create a New Year’s Resolution together

Focus on the Possibilities….

One thing I want to learn more about…

One thing I want to stop being afraid of…

I want to improve my …

I want to spend more time….

I want to spend less time…

I want to be more…



Play “Sorry,” the board game



“Sorry! is marketed for two to four players, ages six and older. The game title comes from the many ways in which a player can negate the progress of another, while issuing an apologetic “Sorry!” – from the game description

Practice your humility as you are jumped over and sent back in this classic board game.




Books To Read Together

Good People Everywhere

by Lynea Gillen  (Author), Kristina Swarner (Illustrator)


“A colorful picture book that will warm the hearts of children and adults alike, each of its pages contain endearing examples and vibrant illustrations to inspire children to grow into grateful, caring, and giving people. It provides a wonderful way to calm children before sleep, ease their fears, and help them develop an appreciation for good work.” – Amazon


Theme Connection:  We believe in the possibility of good in all people.


Family App Ideas

Curious About Me with Curious George (preschool)


“Curious About Me features preschoolers’ favorite monkey, helping kids create movies that let them think and talk about their own lives and experiences. Kids take photos of themselves, their families, friends, and pets; record audio and video to add to their stories; or create their own art. The movie incorporates these contributions into the stories, which are automatically saved in-app or to the device’s camera roll. Note: It requires quite a bit of storage space to hold all the pictures and videos kids can add to their stories.” – Common Sense Media

Theme Connection: What are the possibilities of you?


Family Movie Night Ideas


Ratatouille (G)


“Parents need to know that, like all of Pixar’s other films, Ratatouille includes nuanced humor (about the French, haute cuisine, food critics, and so on) and references aimed directly at adults. Kids will miss most of these references but most likely will still enjoy the plot and animal characters. Not surprisingly for an animated kids’ movie, the protagonist, Linguini, is an orphan — although at least he’s a young adult and not a child. There’s some moderate peril involving the rats and weapon-wielding humans that may frighten sensitive and younger viewers; the sewer sequence is particularly tense and potentially scary, as is the gun-toting grandma. There are a few mild insults, such as “stupid” and “loser,” and one “hell.”” – Common Sense Review


Theme Connection: Celebrating the impossible possible, even in fantasy.



A Goofy Movie (G)


 “Free of the pressures that sometimes smother the big Disney releases, this movie has a refreshingly casual feel, with some sly humor, even daring to poke fun at Disney itself. The teen characters are contemporary without the prepackaged feel of other Disney productions (like “The New Mickey Mouse Club”), and there are lively songs performed by Tevin Campbell. It’s a shame that the G rating might scare off the film’s optimal audience, the 10-14 age group. If you can persuade them to take a look, they will find much to enjoy and identify with.

At the center of the story is Max, struggling through the torturous insecurity and self-consciousness of adolescence. Like all teens, he is humiliated by his father’s goofiness. But the movie’s great joke is that in this case, his father is not just goofy, he is Goofy, the Goof of all Goofs, the Uber-Goof!” – Common Sense Media

Theme Connection: The possibility of being wrong and restoring a relationship.


Gym Teacher: The Movie (age 6+)


“Parents need to know that this made-for-TV movie touches on themes like teamwork, perseverance, and self-perception and examines what it means to be a winner. There’s some poor sportsmanship and bullying (tweens tease a classmate, putting him down and throwing things at him), but it could prompt family discussions about respecting others and being tolerant of differences…” – Common Sense Media

Theme Connection: The possibility of change.




For You

(Support for Parents as Faith Formation Guides)


Starting over; Despite our best intentions, all parents make mistakes, act inconsistently, and generally fall short of our goals. But we can also model asking for forgiveness.

Michelle Richards



How to Teach Humility to Your Kids in a Digital Age




Dates to Remember:

Sunday, January 6 Service for All Ages


Wednesday, January 9 Wednesday Evening Programming Begins

Sunday, January 13 Faith Formation Classes 9:15 and 11 am


Wednesday, January 16 Wednesday Evening Programming

Sunday, January 20 9:15 am Children’s Chapel 11 am Faith Formation Class


Wednesday, January 23 Wednesday Evening Programming

Sunday, January 27 Faith Formation Classes 9:15 and 11 am


Wednesday, January 30 Wednesday Evening Programming




New This Winter/Spring! 

Gentle Yoga on Wednesday Nights!  With Jodi Stanfield

Beginning January 9th in Mary Safford Room
Bring a mat or thick towel and a strap (a tie or a sash will work)
Free will donation.



Kids Celebrate!  With Rev. Jennifer Brooks and Max Jensen

6:15- 7 pm Wednesday Evenings
Room 105
January  16, 23, 30 and February 6
This class will teach children how to become worship leaders and co-leaders.  Class will include basic elements such as lighting the chalice, story play and story interpretation. Rev. Jennifer is looking forward to developing relationships with children and youth through working with them to develop their own skills for worship.


Our Whole Lives K/1 and Our Whole Lives 5-6 (new Session!)
Offered Begining January 9th!

With the new year, there are also two new Our Whole Lives Classes being offered on Wednesday evenings, beginning January 9th.  We will be offering Our Whole Lives Grades 5/6 (a second section because we had a wait list for the fall class!) and Our Whole Lives K/1.  Please register online and email Tracy Beck with any questions TBeck@ucdsm.org.  Both classes will meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:15 – 7:30 pm.



  • Mandatory Parent Meeting


  • Parent/Child Orientation Program


  • Our Wonderful Bodies, Pt 1


  • Our Wonderful Bodies, Pt 2


  • Healthy Bodies, Safe Bodies


  • Families


  • Families and Feelings


  • Babies and Families


  • Birth of a Baby


  • Celebrations!

5-6 OWL


  • Mandatory Family Meeting


  • Parent/Child Orientation Program


  • Sexuality and Values


  • Images in Popular Culture


  • Body Image


  • Changes of Puberty


  • Gender


  • Feelings and Attractions


  • Reproduction and Staying Healthy


  • Decisions and Actions


  • Spring Break


  • Consent and Peer Pressure


  • Healthy Relationships and Celebration!