Responsible Behavior Policy Report

The Team formed under the Responsible Behavior Policy held its first meeting on June 21.  Members include Jean Rommes, Katherine Vance, Linda Lemons, Scott Clair, and Bill Brauch.  The Committee’s charge under the policy is to collect all necessary information to evaluate concerns expressed regarding an individual engaging in conduct that disrupted church activities, threatened the safety of another, or diminished the appeal of the church to potential and existing members.  The policy further directs the Team to consider the causes of such conduct, the frequency and degree of disruption it creates, and the probability of change in conduct.

As we review the information brought to our attention, and consider how to address it, we will seek outcomes that reduce anxiety as much as possible and strive to ensure this church is a place where everyone feels safe.  To that end we will perform our role in a way that ensures everyone involved feels heard and that personal confidentiality is respected.

During Rev. Pyle’s recent visit with Team members he noted that our policy, which was written in 1997, appeared to be based on a UUA model from the 1990’s.  He referred us to the UUA Website to find an updated model and examples of policies of other UUA congregations.  He also noted that Rev. Dr. Lisa Presley, a UUA MidAmerican Region consultant, specializes, in part, on the development and use of such policies and is available to assist us.  As we work to develop and recommend a new policy we will consult the Board of Trustees, the Governance Committee, and, indeed, the entire congregation.  In addition, we stand ready to assist in whatever way we might in the creation of a church-wide covenant defining how we agree to be together in this congregation.

Please be aware that when we come up with a formal name for this Team we will incorporate it into an e-mail address.  In the meanwhile, please address any questions or comments to the following e-mail address:

Bill Brauch, Scott Clair, Linda Lemons, Jean Rommes, Katherine Vance