Sacred Bridges CUUPS: New Moon Magick Zoom: Fri., Feb. 9 @ 7p


Join Sacred Bridges CUUPS for some (virtual) New Moon Magick!The New Moon invites us to set intentions, to welcome spaciousness, and to take time to reflect and plan. Each New Moon has its own energies, but all of them are powerful times to set in motion all the things we wish to bring to our lives. A powerful technique for bringing our intentions to life is to gather together to speak them outloud, share them, and build collective power and will behind them.This New Moon, coming so soon after the Sabbat of Imbolc/Brighid, is a wonderful time to set any goals you might have for your spiritual or creative practice in the coming year. Whether it’s learning to work with a new divination tool, reading more books, writing regularly, or simply taking time to tune into the Earth, you can use the energy of this New Moon to help you along.What to Bring:Your heart and soul, wide openYour journal or something to write on and withAny items to create a sacred space for yourself (candles, incense, stones)Any items that will help you be comfortable during a guided meditationAbout Your Facilitator:Susan Harper, PhD, is an educator, activist, advocate, priestess, tarot reader, and ritualist living in Gilbert, IA. She has been practicing Goddess based spirituality for over 30 years and facilitating ritual and transformational spaces just about as long. She holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Southern Methodist University and an MA in Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies from Texas Woman’s University. Susan is passionate about making spirituality accessible, practical, and personal. Her workshops and rituals focus on using spiritual information and techniques to facilitate transformation in our personal lives. She seeks to help people equip themselves with skills and tools that will aid their continuous growth. Susan has over three decades’ worth of experience with Feminist Spirituality, Wicca and other forms of Paganism, energetic healing modalities, Tarot, ecstatic movement, and other transformative practices.RSVP HERE FOR ZOOM INFO