Sanctuary Update

Providing sanctuary to an undocumented immigrant under immediate threat of deportation is not the ultimate goal of the sanctuary movement, nor should it be our goal. Toward that end, the work of the Sanctuary Discernment Team has come to an end.
In order to address the many areas of immigration justice, the newly-formed Immigration Justice and Sanctuary Team will continue this important work. Many people are needed to take on this important work. We are asking church members to join the teams below. Contact Michael Lauer at to volunteer.

  • Policy writing/legal – write policies, coordinate with Iowa Sanctuary Movement to assure all members’ policies meet legal needs, plan and schedule volunteer trainings needed. Current members: Michael Lauer, Mike Stimson
  • Advocacy – Coordinate with immigrant-led organizations to support their agendas, use connections church members already have (e.g. SURJ) to assist immigrant organizations with letter writing, phone calls, publicizing marches and other actions, and recruit UU volunteers to support these actions. Current members: Dave Witke, Karen Lauer
  • Education/Outreach – Schedule classes and book groups, speakers and forums, for church members and the larger community to increase knowledge of immigration history, law, and experiences of our immigrant communities. Current members: Sue Huber, Judy Davis, Dave Witke, Karen Lauer
  • Logistics/supplies – ready the church for possible sanctuary guest, oversee shower installation, determine room needs and other items needed for hosting (walkie-talkies, bedding, etc.). Current members: Theresa Miller
  • Volunteer coordination – work on immigration justice/sanctuary portion of congregational survey, plan and schedule volunteer trainings needed, help schedule trainings for volunteers across the Iowa Sanctuary Movement, help recruit volunteers for other teams and actions as needed. Current members: Gene McCracken