Birding for Life: See and Save a Bird, a People and the Planet

Today, we will briefly review the scientific and cultural aspects of how people relate and respond to nature, and specifically to birds. Being intentionally mindful of birds reaps benefits not just for humans but for the birds themselves. As people come to understand and connect to birds, they increase their resilience and health by being with birds and, in so doing, increase their capacity to care for themselves and others. The mindful practice of birds can take only minutes a day but conversely also involves a lifetime of commitment, exploration, and wonder. Rev. Joyner will share how her lifetime working with birds has changed her and others with whom she works.

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Birding for Life: See and Save a Bird, a People, and the Planet

Please join us as we reflect on Rev. LoraKim’s sermon “Birding for Life: See and Save a Bird, A People and the Planet. We will be gathering in small groups to share our reactions to the service and how in your life you Pay attention, Be astounded, and Tell about it (from a Mary Oliver Poem – Instructions for Living a Life)