Four Noble Truths and Some Great Big Lies

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What is the relationship between Unitarian Universalism and Buddhism? Join us for a look at how Buddhist thought and UUism fit together, and on the way we’ll talk about yoga mats, Dollar stores, and a little bit more!

FORUM at 11:00 a.m. CT

This Sunday, October 24, stay after the service and learn about
Real Dharma, Real Sangha
Buddhism in the Words of the UUs Who Live It

Many people have a vague awareness of Buddhism’s overall principles, but fewer hear about it in the words of its own practitioners. Join us in this Sunday’s Forum to hear from three members of Awakening Heart Sangha about their experiences as Buddhists and how the tradition impacts their lives. Facilitators: Debra Rogers, Birch Spick and Karen Massetti Miller

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