Hearing the Secret in Our Hearts

The picture is called “Enso.” This image has been associated with the Zen tradition and represents what can be described as “the mind before thought,” “the awareness that exists behind thought,” or, in Rev. Tom’s case, “the secret in our hearts.”

Rev. Eishin Tom Houghton is the head priest/teacher at the Des Moines Zen Center, Deep River Temple. He has been a follower of the Buddhist teachings for 26 years. The Des Moines Zen Center is 32 years old and is recognized as an international temple for the Soto Zen Buddhist tradition. The Center is located on SW 14th St., five blocks south of Army Post Road.

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Hearing the Secret in Our Hearts

Join Rev. Houghton 30 minutes after the service to discuss the following questions:

  1. Has anyone had the experience of being “drawn” into something, as opposed to being “driven” into it, and would they be willing to share their experience?
  2. Would anyone be willing to share experiences of tension between your head and your heart?