Life After the Election

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>Trump’s bigotry is a pointed expression of many people’s feelings.  If Trump loses, as it seems he will, where will that anger and blame go after the election? What will happen when our nation’s first African American presidency is followed by a woman’s? How will hatred of Hillary morph once she is elected? If we believe that we will have made it through the worst of this nastiness once the election is over, we are likely mistaken. If instead we carry the story that we are living through a backlash against social progress, we might think differently then about what comes next and our response. It matters what story we carry in the months and years following this election.  What is the story we will carry as a people of shared faith? And, how will we carry it?

9:15 & 11:00 am: with Rev. Erin Gingrich; Celebrant: Chancy Bittner.