Take Up All That Remains

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Some Pagans and witches consider the end of October as the end and beginning of the liturgical year. Called Samhain, Hallowtide, or All Hallows, it’s a time to take one last look at the year: all that’s grown, all that’s come to fruit, and all that’s passed on. Everything in our world eventually comes to an end, and this can allow new things the room to come into being. Through this season, we can find the insight to see this interaction in our daily lives.

FORUM at 11:00 a.m. CT

Those That Come Before: The Role of Ancestors in Our Lives

Many people and cultures approach their ancestors with reverence, veneration, and celebration. Hear local community members talk about the depth and breadth of ancestor-veneration, and role that honoring ancestors has in their lives. Participants: Birch Spick, Pam Backstrom, Sarah Chang

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