The Blessing of the Animals

Click here for video (YouTube)
Come and join First Unitarian Church of Des Moines in our digital Blessing of the Animals service. All pets are welcome to visit this digital service and there will be time to show them off! Fur, fins, scales, wings, no legs, 4 legs, 8 legs, or more! Children without pets are encouraged to show a favorite animal/monster/critter toy or stuffie so that they can join in no matter what. Let’s talk about the relationship between humans and our animal companions, and celebrate the joy they bring to our lives.
Rev. Amy is going to put together a video of our pets for the service, so if you want your pet shown (including stuffed animals or pet rocks for those who don’t have live pets!), please send them a picture or pictures by Saturday at noon! List your name, pet’s name, and age if you like, and use the word PET in the subject line of the email.
All are welcome!