What Justice?

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When there are calls for justice, what is it that we want? Justice seeks to remedy a rip in the social fabric. However, there are very different ways of understanding that rupture and very different remedies. Let’s look together at different versions of “justice.”

Our speaker is Dr. Sue Andrews. Sue is a professor emeritus of psychology with the University of Wisconsin Colleges. Recipient of a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Chicago, Sue consulted in neuropsychology as well as teaching a broad spectrum of psychology courses. As a member of the Lake Country UU Church in Hartland, Wisc., Sue has brought her long-term interest in psychology, philosophy and theology to the art of building worship services and sermons. Her roots are Iowan, having lived with her grandparents in Red Oak for her first five years. Her great grandmother, Lizzie Falk, was an ardent suffragette in Montgomery County, of which Sue is quite proud.