Setting the Table: Coming Together Again

How are we going to do church? 
Have you asked yourself that question? Are you wondering when and how we will be able to be together again?
Many of us would welcome a Wednesday night meal at church; or enjoy a cup of coffee after service with friendly faces; or just be together in the auditorium and hear the choir.
Perhaps you have adjusted to Zoom services on Sunday mornings, when you don’t have to get dressed and drive to church! Some of you have found it easier to attend meetings when you simply click a link on your laptop. We must admit, it is not all bad!
So, what will our future together look like? 
Will we begin with Drive-In church, where we park in the church lot and enjoy services broadcast to our car radios? How will multi-platform, or hybrid, Zoom and real space services work? Will Children’s Chapel become a part of adult church? How will the exciting new RE curriculums work on Wednesdays and what the heck is year ’round pledging?
We have so many great ideas to talk about!
We are planning small group get-togethers (both virtual and in-person) to hear your thoughts, concerns and ideas for coming together again.
Watch for future events and opportunities to share your answers to the question “what does our future look like?” and to hear what fellow members and friends have to say.
And if you just cannot wait to share your thoughts, feel free to contact any of these friendly can’t-wait-to-see-you folks: Katie Allen, Sally Boeckholt, Bill Brauch, Liz Bredeson, Darin Jensen, Greg Nichols, Patty Notch, Rev. Amy Petrie Shaw.