In November and December, First Unitarian is partnering with Al Exito. 

Al Éxito provides programming that builds the leadership potential of Latinx youth through college preparation, career development, civic engagement, family support, & celebration of culture. AÉ is achieving a better community through Latino excellence.

Al Éxito (AÉ) is the only statewide organization whose mission is the empowerment of Iowa Latinx through education, college attainment, and success for Latinx families. Al Éxito Des Moines Afterschool Program (AÉDM) in partnership with Des Moines Public Schools (DMPS) serves seven metro middle schools through weekly culturally-relevant programs, facilitated by Spanish speaking teachers in a safe environment. AÉDM motivates, inspires, and prepares Latinx students, the fastest growing population, to succeed in school, transition for a successful high school experience, and create a clear path for higher education.


What We Do

Al Exito motivates and prepares middle and high school Latinx youth for higher education and the potential for economic security, civic engagement, and a stable family life.


Volunteer Opportunities

This year Al Exito is a Faith in Action partner in November and December.


Scholarship Luncheon – Nov 14th

From Gene McCracken:
Al Exito holds an annual Scholarship Luncheon in conjunction with Mary Campos’s birthday (86-87 this year). We hosted at First Unitarian last year. It was wonderful. I had volunteered to help since I had some kitchen knowledge. I learned about Al Exito, met wonderful folks and had some great food. The Scholarship Luncheon will be at Christ the King parish hall. We need 8 folks from about 10 to 1:30, to set up tables; get food out and clean up. (Yes, an opportunity to have some wonderful morsels also.)

Help Al Exito Youth Write College Essays

Are you good at supporting young writers and giving constructive feedback? Recruiting experienced teachers and writers. Join Al Exito at First Unitarian Church on Sunday, December 2nd 12:30-5pm for lunch and workshopping scholarship applications. You will be provided with a to-do list and free pizza lunch to help Iowa Latinx future college students to hone their scholarship essays. Contact Darcie Vandegrift for more information (515-783-3448,


For more information about Al Exito check out the website here