Welcoming Congregation

First Unitarian Church is a Welcoming Congregation. This means the congregation has taken deliberate steps, as outlined by the Unitarian Universalist Association, to become more inclusive of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBTQ) people. The congregation works to address the needs of LGBTQ persons at every level of congregational life, welcoming not only their presence, but also the particular gifts they bring.

The work of being a Welcoming Congregation is ongoing. The Welcoming Congregations Reboot Team has formed to take on the tasks needed to recommit ourselves to inclusive practices, to actively work towards including transgender and queer people in our church, and to partner with other organizations to take our welcoming message to the greater community. In doing so, we will deepen our welcome to the LGBTQ community.

The Reboot Team has established subcommittees to move our process forward:

  • Assessment Team: to review the church and the congregation to identify where we have room to grow.
  • Programming/Education Team: to develop workshops and other enrichment educational opportunities for the congregation.
  • Communications Team: to share our efforts with the larger congregation.
  • Finance Team: to manage our REACH Grant funds.
  • Admin Team: to develop the larger strategy and act as liaison to the church officials.
  • Chair: organize meetings, share information, and check in with subgroups.

We’re looking for a large cross-section of the congregation to be actively involved. Are you interested in joining a team dedicated to ensuring our church is a welcoming place to the LGBTQ community? Contact: Birch Spick.

Transgender Action Group

The Transgender Action Group is working to increase awareness of transgender lives and issues within the Church community as well as provide a safe haven and resources for transgender people in need. Through education and speaking events, the group educates the congregation on what gender identity is, how it is separate from sexual orientation, and ways they can provide support and encouragement to the transgender people within our community. Contact: Franco Berardi.